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Budgeting Tips


The purpose of this page is to assist customers in setting a realistic budget for their orders. Below you will find some tips to assist and guide you in the process of pricing your order. Prior making cakes myself I had no knowledge of what it cost or what effort it took to make Novelty Cakes and Cupcakes, however after years of research and experience I've managed to come up with what I consider fair pricing for CakeNuts Novelty Cake and Cupcakes.  We may not be the most inexpensive but we are definitely not the most expensive and we can definitely guarantee you with a quality product that both looks and tastes delicious.


Of course once you complete the Order Form which is on the following tab under Pricing & Ordering, I will send you an accurate quote.  The Order Forms do not commit you to purchase but allows me to send accurate quote and once you agree on the pricing and pay your 50% deposit your Order Date is reserved.


Budgeting Rule #1.

As you begin to visualize your cake or cupcakes… the #1 rule to keep in mind is "Labor" — the time spent constructing, designing, and detailing your order — Labor determines a lot of the cost, not the ingredients. Now this isn’t to say that ingredients, size, and shape don’t play a significant part,  because they absolutely do as well!


Base Pricing/ Pricing Per Serving.

CakeNuts Cakes *base pricing is per serving. This means when you list your “Serving Amount on your Order Form, that amount will be multiplied by $8.50/$8.75 for Novelty Cake or $5.00/$5.50 for Regular Frosted cakes in order to get your *base pricing.  And since every guest at your event is not going to eat cake, perhaps you should consider reducing your serving amount to a lower number. For example if you are expecting 100 guests only get your cake to serve 75.


Go Smaller.

If you are serving a lot guests, consider a smaller sized cake. Get a Novelty cake maybe to serve only 15 or 20 people, then go with regular frost cupcakes ($42.00 - $48.00 per dozen) or a regular frosted 1 layer, un-decorated full sheet cake which can be cut and served  to accommodate the remainder of the guests. You can save $100’s going this route.


There are several different options to take to cut costs when placing Novelty orders and CakeNuts Cakes is happy to help, suggest and, assist.  Please note some cakes must be a certain size in order to show details, but we will do our best to accommodate and try to meet your budget needs as best we can.


*Base Pricing is the minimum amount you will be charged, does not including charges for design, tax, & fees.

Thank you and we look forward to pleasing your taste buds.


Kellie Jamel of CakeNuts







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