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Decorating PARTIES!

CakeNuts Cakes Decorating Parties

Looking to spice up your party with some fresh inspiration and modern cake & cupcake designs?  Book a  Decorating Party Today!  We come to  you!

CakeNuts Cakes now offers private cake & cupcake decorating parties for all ages.  Children & Adults. Choose one from a variety of suggested cake/cupcake designs or bring your own design idea and we will help bring your vision to cake life.

Sorry this was made just for Kai's party

Not only will your party be super fun but you will also experience working with fondant and gum paste;  learn essential techniques, such as covering a cake with fondant, creating intricate designs, cutting shapes and in some cases making fondant & gum paste characters. Which enhances the design of your cake, and gives it that WOW Factor.


Your instructor (Kellie Jamel), will provide all the essential tools and supplies needed to include personal cakes & cupcakes that you will be decorating.

You will also receive 1 dozen complimentary cupcakes for "Cake Decorating Party"- ONLY.

The minimum to book a party is 5 participants. Pricing starts at $40 per person for cakes and $20 per person for cupcakes- depending on design choices.

In order to book your party please complete the Decorating Party Order Form located under the Pricing & Ordering Tab. Each party will last 2 .5 to 3 hours.

What's included in your package?

Your instructor will provide the follow tools and supplies for use, to make your cake...

No Nuts will be used in any products.

1 Naked Cake (1 per person) or

2 to 4 Naked Cupcakes (for each participant)

Cake Frosting (all Frosting will be Vanilla Buttercream)

Frosting Spatula


Fondant (different colors)

Powdered Sugar

Edible Sugar Glue

Glue Brushes

Shape Cutters (letters, numbers, shapes)

Rolling Pins

Cake Flats (boards)

Cake Boxes

Cupcake Containers

Dozen Complimentary Cupcakes (Vanilla Butter OR Chocolate- Only) -For Cake Decorating Parties ONLY.

Once cakes /cupcakes are complete,   decorators will box up their creations to take home.

Kailyn's 10th Birthday- Decorating Party

Below are images from Miss Kailyn's 10th Birthday- Cake Decorating Party.  There were 11 girls total, ages 6 to 14;  the theme was "Emoji's".  Each girl frosted and covered their own personal cakes in fondant and decorated them with their favorite emoji faces.

In addition to decorating tools and supplies, they are also given aprons to protect their clothing. They loved it and were so very proud of their finished products.  Several parents also commented on how much the girls enjoyed themselves.

Nova's Erotic Cake    Decorating Party

LeToya's Erotic Cake    Decorating Party

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