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CakeNuts Cake Images

Please take a minute to view each of our photo albums in our Gallery. We also have hundreds of images on Facebook under CakeNuts Cakes, and several images on Instagram, follow us at CakeNutsCakesLLC.  We make cakes and cupcakes for all occasions except Weddings, and we unfortunately do not offer Cake Pops or Cake Tastings, which are often associated with Wedding Cakes. If you toggle over the "Contact Us" tab, there is a "Testimonials" page on this website with comments about our cakes, and how they taste, posted by customers for your viewing convenience.


Our baked goods are made from quality ingredients and include dairy products such as milk, eggs, sour cream, sugar, flour, butter, and extracts just to name a few.  We also offer SUGAR FREE cakes and frostings which are made with Splenda.  However our sugar free flavors are limited to certain flavors. Vanilla Butter, Strawberry Shortcake, Coconut Pineapple, Lemon, & Devilsfood.


Erotic XXX Cake Images

CakeNuts features a line of XXX Erotic cakes. These images can be found on Facebook under our ErotiCakeNuts page. These cakes are FOR ADULT EYES ONLY and carries an age restriction of 18 & over.

Check Out these Crunch Cake Videos

Pricing & Ordering for Crunch Cakes can be found under Menu & the Pricing & Ordering tab above.


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